Fall Into Love with Your Hair Again


Has the summer taken a toll on your luscious locks?  Does your blonde not seem so pretty these days?  Or maybe are you just are ready for a fresh new look for the new season?

At Blondie’s Salon we get this all the time and we have so many options to help you out.  The newest looks for your hair are better than natural looks.  Enhancing your natural tones and hair with complimentary colors to give you the most luxurious looking and feeling to your hair.

When the summer is over, most of us deal with faded hair color, dry ends, and boredom.

So what are the newest trends for the new season you ask?  Well if you ever look on Instagram or Pintrest you will see a lot of different things out there.

For the most common client, natural tones and blends of colors are going to be for you.  We call these tone on tones.  We look at the natural tones of your hair, enhancing the color by adding dimension to your color with different tones and levels that will blend seamlessly and look better than natural.



For this client we looked at the beauty a brunette can have when blended seamlessly with different tones.  We enhanced her natural hue and added light sombre’ style highlights with a golden tone.  This makes lifeless hair look fresh and vibrant again.





For the trendy, fashion forward client we are still seeing lots of vibrant fashion shades out there: pinks, blues, peach, mint green, lavendar.  You name it, it’s still going strong.  For Blondie’s clients, we use Joico Intensities for this fashion shades.  Whether you want an all over hot pink, or a pop of color underneath for some flair, we can deliver this to you while still keeping your hair at a healthy state.



For this client, we enhanced her color with Lumishine Reds and added pops of color with Intensities to add an extra flair to it.  These intensity shades will fade tone on tone and will continue to look great until she comes back for her next service.






But for this sweet and artistic client, we got to have lots of fun by trimming off those dead ends and giving her a sassy hot pink all over.  This is something for the young at heart and very trendy client!  What a bold and exciting look for her!




Here are simple steps to taking back control of your hair and get you back on the road to loving your hair again:

Step 1:  Call your stylist and book an appointment for a color consultation.  This is a one on one time where we will asses your hair condition and color palate to ensure that your over all desires are met.  This will  also give us a chance to discuss with you some of the most recent trends going on in hair fashion today.  Bring in pictures of the last time you loved your hair, or where you would love to see you hair in the near future.  This gives you stylist a visual of where you want to take your look.

Step 2:  Request a K-Pak Luster Lock Instant Shine & Repair Treatment.  Luster Lock will steal your heart!  It is an instant shine and repair miracle for color-treated hair that gives deep repair, illuminating shine, and amazing condition.

Step 3: Get a health trim:  It is amazing what a good haircut can do for your hair.  So many times women are trying to grow their hair out and they refuse to cut those angry ends!  This is defeating the purpose due to the fact that split ends will continue to split and eventually will break off.

Step 4: Listen to your stylist when she recommends your take home products!  She does know best.  This will keep your hair healthy and color staying fresh.

Step 5:  Set up your appointments for follow-up services.  Staying on schedule not only keeps you looking your best, but in all honesty it helps your colorist keep your hair color on track.  The pH balance of your hair changes as it grows further away for the scalp so as you wait longer and longer in between services, the color will not come out the same each time resulting in uneven color –  possible banding as we call it.

It is our job to keep you looking your best and we hope that you will let us make you better than natural very soon!

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Have a Fabulous Hair Day!