2014 Is Off to a Great Start!

So, 2014 is off to an amazing start! We have two new additions to the Blondie’s Staff, Heather Anderson and Suzette Ferris. Both ladies have over 10+ years experience as stylist and I am sure that they are going to be great team members for us. Also, I just returned from Joico’s Global Artistic Training. This was such an amazing experience for me as a stylist and as a business owner. Joico asked me to attend, knowing that this would probably make or break me and I have to say I am forever indebted to the women who made it possible for me to attend. I spent the four days in Pasadena training in intense workshops that teach the artist of Joico’s education team the trends and looks for the upcoming year. Many of you don’t realize that a hair show for stylist is like Fashion Week for designers. It’s full of fashion, entertainment, education, music, and lots of work followed by sheer enjoyment and pride. Although I definitely got to see where I need to improve in my skills, I also walk out each day feeling inspired, enlightened and mesmerized by the talent I was surrounded by. People like Sue Pemberton, Damien Carney, Beth Minardi, Steven Wang, Cherry Petenbrink, and some others I am sure I am forgetting. These amazing artist are the inventors, the idealist and the mentors of those of us like myself that strive to be better, be wiser, be the inspiration to other stylist. I walked away having my head straight for the new year. I plan to bring my best talent to the salon each and every day. I plan to be the stylist you wish you could get an appointment with. I plan to wrangle the staff at Blondie’s into being the best salon staff in Frisco, Texas. We are small now, but it only gets better from here. I hope that you all will come in and see what Blondie’s has ensure for you this year. I hope that each of you will refer your friends and family to the salon to experience the love and joy we put into our work.

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So for now, I am so excited about 2014! I am loving the new excitement I have when I think about the business, the clients, the stylist who surround me on a day-to-day basis. And I am looking forward to next year being even better that the last!

For the love of beauty,